Course curriculum

  • 3

    Creating a Background two ways

    • How to Start a Painting two ways

  • 4

    Summer Dreaming ~ Flower Vase

    • Summer Dreaming ~Layer One ~ creating mid-tone background

    • Summer Dreaming ~Layer Two ~ Outlining the Vase and flowers

    • Summer Dreaming ~Layer Three~ Creating texture and adding colors to the flowers

    • Summer Dreaming ~Layer Four~ Give shape to flowers and vase

    • Summer Dreaming ~Layer Five~ The light effect

    • Summer Dreaming ~Layer Six~ more texture and color to flowers

    • Summer Dreaming ~Layer Seven~ Adjusting the flowers just so..

    • Summer Dreaming ~Layer Eight ~ Finalizing the flowers

    • Summer Dreaming ~Layer Nine~ Putting on the Bling

    • Summer Dreaming ~Layer Ten~ Glazing the painting

  • 5

    Bonus: Come Dream With Me ~ a 6x6 Floral

    • Bonus: Come Dream with me a ~ Mini 6x6 floral

    • Come Dream with me ~ Mini 6x6 Floral Layer Two

    • Come Dream with me ~ Mini 6x6 Floral Layer Three

    • Come Dream with me ~ Mini 6x6 Floral Layer Four

Bonus Painting

I am so pleased to bring this small floral, created in a similar way yet its different. Hope you enjoy painting this paintings along with the larger painting.

  • Bonus material

    Its a complete painting in a smaller scale from start to finish. Valued at $48, but included in here as a bonus.